in Daily Gratitude

Your resume is not your real value.

Let’s talk about your resume .. the big and long list of your “skills”. I meet so many people looking for advice on changing careers or recently let go from a position and are not sure what to next ..

I spent 25 years in building 4 successful businesses and a million that didn’t work out .. and as an ‘ex-ceo’ starting 2018, I was in the same boat. My value was always tied to my skills in tech. I would talk about project management, digital strategic thinking, SEO, SEM, Media buy .. app development etc .. but I realized that the more I only saw myself as a culmination of “skills’ the more I was stuck within the same opportunities.

Once i started to look at the value of my experiences .. other “skills” showed up .. Business planning(4 startups and mentoring), Marketing/PR (through desiFEST), Creative (all the client work via BlueBand) .. Investor (through all the failed startups) .. and more.

I would not have the opportunity to invest and become co-founder at @Bwell_Fitness (can’t wait to share more in 2019) or venture into internet security with @ResClould or VR/AR with @BablyonVR .. and more.

So, message of the day … if you are feeling stuck and frustrated, think of the value your experiences can bring to the market and not just the skills you have. – with love