in Daily Gratitude

Write your FUTURE

Whatever it is that you dream of .. conventional wisdom says, “start and figure it out” .. “get moving” .. “take the first step .. “ etc .. but I can tell you from experience, STEP ONE is to write down your FUTURE.

At 20, I wrote the following, (without a plan)

1. I want to help companies with Tech solutions

2. I want to make 100k

3. I want an office downtown, on Spadina

4. I want to have 2 people working for me

5. I will attend 3 networking events weekly

As soon as I wrote this, it became a real plan. It gave me milestones I can track and measure against. I reviewed the list daily .. decisions I made in business and for myself were more disciplined and kept me on the path to my achieve my goals. I was able to articulate to everyone i met my vision and the effort it needed.

Writing it down also forced me to have a gut check and sprinkle some reality into the thinking. What can I really accomplish? Who is in my corner to help me? What skills do I needed to work on? .. you get the picture.

While the journey took close to 3 years, I had that list checked off by the time I turned 23. We were working with 3 top CPG clients making websites, I had a small office at Spadina and Dundas .. You can literally WRITE YOUR FUTURE. – with love