in Daily Gratitude

Who are you listening to?

I took this picture just for this post. It’s to talk about the person you see in the mirror every day. The conversations you have with yourself is the most POWERFUL daily moment in self-growth. Unfortunately, if you are like me.. I used to only talk to myself about the shit that was bad. A constant drip of harsh and negative shit.. to myself.
It took a while and lots of self growth to realize that the “negative voice” wasn’t mine. It was the culmination of all the negative noise from my past. The voices of my dad, teachers, friends no longer in my life, clients, ex’s, haters .. you get it. We all have them. 🙏🏻

So.. Practice ignoring that voice. Let it talk. Do it’s thing. Then look it as you move past it. Cuz, right past that “negative noise” is YOUR voice. Your voice is there to encourage you. To motivate you. To push you. To tell you that you are doing what you are meant to be doing and that you are an awesome person. Period.

If you can’t hear that voice and I didn’t for many many years, please trust that it’s there and that you need to start moving past your own negative noise. – with love 🙏🏻