in Daily Gratitude

What does success look like to you?

How do you achieve success? What does success look like to you? Is there a blueprint to follow?
To be honest, I don’t know the answer. I do however have a plan that works for me. I realized very early in my business career that while I had big goals, it was too stressful to always think ‘big picture’ .. starting every morning with BIG GOALS like, “I want to make a million this year” or “I want to buy my first BMW” before turning 30 etc .. then I met a coach who showed me a different approach.She said, “People do not decide their futures or successes, they decide their daily habits and their habits decide their futures and successes.” I started to focus on my daily habits. Small steps but consistent steps,
1. Making 10 cold calls a day
2. Connecting with 1 client a week for in-person meeting
3. Attending one networking event per week
4. Running 20 mins day .. Etc.. and these small daily habits led to some amazing results.

Every week, as I plan my days and review my goals, I also review my habits. Keeping the ones that enable me and dropping the ones that no longer add value.
So, parting thoughts .. success happens daily. You might not see it or feel it everyday .. but your daily habits will culminate into success over time. Share one empowering habit below ..

-With Love