in Daily Gratitude

The person who invented the ship also invented the shipwreck.

I read this a few days ago and it struck me how relevant this is to young CEOs. I come from a time when they did not teach ‘entrepreneurship’ .. and learning on the job was a given. I knew that I will be building and breaking the company as I figured out my role as a CEO.

Today, I meet many new CEO’s or startups who are looking for the perfect formula. They want to make as little mistakes as possible and avoid the ‘shipwreck’. All the help books, YouTube videos and mentors in the world can’t save you from the real lessons that come from making decisions and living with the lessons.

Like the quote said, “the person who invented the ship also invented the shipwreck” .. understand that this will inevitable and continue to work your dreams without fear.

I am off to CES for the first time and looking forward to a few days of ‘back to the future’ .. if you are in Vegas for CES, let’s connect!

– With Love