in Daily Gratitude

The future moment is right NOW.

One of the side effects to being immigrants in a new country is being in ‘survival’ mode from day one. We landed in 1989 ..
My parents turn it on as soon as we landed and it become a way life. .. My dad would tell me everyday to focus on school, don’t make friends, get home right away and study study. We lived way below our means to save every penny for a rainy day. I didn’t realize I was being trained to see the world ‘a cup always half empty’ .. always waiting for a future day to start living my life. ..
This training was very beneficial when stating my businesses but I realized much later in life that I was always saving for a ‘future better day’ to start enjoying life. No matter how successful I was, I was always scared it will all be gone if I stopped to enjoy it .. – saved my good shoes for special events
– only wear my good watch at weddings
– suits I wouldn’t wear unless it’s big meeting …. You get the picture. ..
When I got hit with my cancer scare, not knowing how many days I have left .. I needed my world to feel ‘cup half full’ .. I didn’t know how. It wasn’t my natural thinking. I struggled to live in the moment. ..
We listen to this “always on” message the world serves up and save up for a future day to start enjoying life. Today, I ask you to stop and enjoy the NOW. Wear that fancy dress out.. rock that shiny watch, buy that thing you have been walking by all week..take that trip, make that call…you deserve it.
The future moment is right NOW.