in Daily Gratitude

The cards you are dealt can be changed into a winning hand.

LIFE really is a game. It has very complex rules and sometimes it feels like the rule are being changed mid-game! But the truth is that, like any game, you can study it .. you can connect the dots from your past move and find a personal formula that can help manifest your future .. the winning hand.

I recently played a game of crazy eight with the kids. It has been over 5 years since played last and I didn’t want to play .. the pain of how long that game is, the constant picking up of new cards .. etc .. but under pressure I played anyways.

I was watching how my kids approached the game vs me. I was reminded of something that day .. what was fun to watch was that they did not get ‘defeated’ by the first draw of their cards. They knew that with each pass or with each turn, they get to pick up new cards and EVERY new card had the potential to impact their hand. Good or bad, there was on opportunity to change their outcome with new cards. They looked forward to picking up more cards .. its an innocence we lose as we get older. We put a ton of pressure on being right .. or winning fast and in the hustle, we forget the excitement and fun that comes from embracing ‘the next turn’ ..

I hope the next move you make or the next ‘cards’ you pick up in life get you excited about the possibility of changing the cards your dealt in work or life.. and get your winning hand in life.

– with Love