in Daily Gratitude

Take the lost and try again!

I spent the last two weeks hustling to sell sponsorship for desiFEST. Most days, I get nothing. No replies, no rejections .. just silence. I feel crappy and my ego takes a hard hit and I sit there upset and wonder “what am I doing wrong after 13 years of this ..” How do you pick up the next day and continue?

I remind myself that, I love the feeling of watching artists live their passion on stage and the opportunity we help to create for them. It’s addictive to see it .. I think about my team who work REALLY hard to put on an amazing 4-day event

I think about the PRIDE we feel as a community, standing united at Yonge-Dundas, breaking stereotypes and building new bridges with each other and I love exposing a new client to the culture.

I tell myself that “its ok to take the loss for today .. I have tomorrow to try again.”  When you take a hit, whether it is at work, or a new startup or in pursuit of your passion, don’t ignore that feeling .. its an opportunity to stay connected with WHY you are doing what you are doing and to find the courage and strength to continue .. tomorrow awaits.

– With Love