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Sleep when you are done!

I get this question all the time .. “how many hours of sleep do you get?” Or “with all the stuff you do, when do you get to sleep”

My answer is .. I sleep when I am done.

What I mean is that, everyday I have a list of goals to hit. Hitting them daily (and I will share how I setup my micro daily goals in another post) is how I maintain momentum. Consistent momentum is how you build towards achieving your goals.

When I sleep daily is based on “feeling done” .. when I feel like I can’t accomplish any more towards my daily tasks, it is time to shut off and start again. Some days it’s not till very late into the night and some days, I am in bed by 7pm if nothing else is going on.

Listen, if 20hr days is your thing .. cool! Go for it .. but without balance, not only will you burn out, most likely you are also missing out on other important life moments. Take it from me,  I don’t remember much of my 20s. other than work on my agency. I kept very few friend and I have lots of missed life moments sitting in the office for 15hr a day.

Just saying.

– with love