in Daily Gratitude

Is scaling your business a good idea?

Not every business can be scaled.

Some businesses are organically built to be a small business and there is not much you can do. The CEO’s are owners and employees of their own company and they generate the majority of the revenue but need most of it to sustain their lifestyle.

I learned in my time as a mentor/investor, for these business to scale, the owners need to completely transform their purpose in the business. They have to be willing to take on bigger personal and financial risks. They also need to ‘let go’ and align themselves with other partners (or investors) who can help to break the model and look for ways to scale the business.

They have to want to do this.

There is also something nice about having a small, lifestyle business that meets your needs, allows you to live your purpose, work directly with clients you like and still enjoy the entrepreneur lifestyle.

I guess what I am sharing today is that .. the other side is not always ‘greener’ and picking the right side is key. While the growth looks and sounds sexy .. make sure you know what you are walking away from …

– With love