in Daily Gratitude

How full is your bank account?

Sorry about the clickbate .. I am talking about your emotional bank. I think of the moments when I was full of confidence, that feeling of being unstoppable and the world is right there for the taking. 

Tony Robbins said to ‘anchor’ those moments and hold on to them for the days when you don’t feel the same confidence. The funny thing is that its easier to bank the bad days. The days where you doubt yourself.

I was thinking about WHY it’s more natural to be attached to the ‘negative’ emotions versus the ‘positive’ emotions. Thinking back to the younger days.. how often did we get to celebrate the A’s in class with ice cream? How often do we celebrate the amazing relationship we have or our significant others. 

I bet its far and few .. and we tend to focus a lot more on the things we are not too good at or happy with. The bank is FULL of useless emotions. 

I think we are passing this on to the next generation. They learn by observing and reacting how we as grown-ups talk to ourselves and how we treat each other. 

To truly celebrate the wins in your life … small or big.. I mean, isn’t that the purpose for the struggle? To get to the other side? Why we do celebrate so little? 

Imagine if we did the opposite and celebrated EVERY SINGLE win .. no judgements .. Will our brain even keep track of the moments that don’t matter anymore? Here’s the experiment that I am on .. I want to bank SO MUCH amazing wins that when I am doing something new and FEAR creeps ups, instead of my brain pulling up memories of other failed moments and scaring me .. it will be forced to bring up moments where I conquered and won! .. just due to the ratio of good memories vs. BAD. 

Build your bank. I believe you have the power to program YOUR brain to be your ally .. Any brain hacks you have in place?