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Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday To Me!

I turn 44 today.

This marks the 30th year in Canada for me.

I woke up reflecting about this incredible country we live in. Bringing us to Canada is the GREATEST gift my parents gave me.

There is nothing easy about being an immigrant. Especially when you had left India at age 4 and then Singapore at 14. The moves break any continuity you build and you certainly don’t make any life-long friends during these days. While weren’t poor, nothing was easy.

When we arrived in Scarborough, it was Jan 1989. I fell in love immediately with the people, the hustle and the diversity I saw. I found a new purpose and renewed love of life. Over the 30 years, I have made amazing friends, built 3 wonderful businesses, had the pleasure of hiring 100+ staff, built desiFEST, Canada largest South Asian music festival, married the love of my life and have 2 amazing kids.

I am thankful for everyone in my life and I am thankful I get to wake up in this amazing country and .. yes, happy birthday indeed!

– with love!