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Find your sparks

“The engine in a rocket ship does not fire without a small spark first. We all need small sparks, small accomplishments in our lives to fuel the big ones.” from Chapter 6 of David Goggins, Can’t Hurt Me.

First of all, it is a fantastic read. The human struggle outlined in his book hits you right in the gut! This morning, while reading chapter 6, I came across the quote above and it reminded me of a recent conversation.

We hardly see the small victories being shared and/or celebrated! IG and the other social networks glorify the ‘go big or go home’ attitude .. this is equally true of our Linkedin world. We celebrate the UNICORNS and the companies raising millions of dollars and leave out the founder who just closed an angel round for 50k or the startup finally making money or the CEO who decided to quit for the right reasons. (YES, it’s OK to quit! .. another post on this)

The wins in these small companies should also get celebrated. It is the SPARK within our startup community. It is the real inspiration that gives others the daily motivation to go out and hustle, make those sales calls, take on more than you can handle and figure it out as you go .. let’s share our smaller wins to inspire the bigger wins.