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Don’t focus on the things you suck in!

I know it is not what you are used to hearing. But, I am here to tell you .. the more you focus on the things that you suck at and less time you have to focus on the things that naturally make you awesome and valuable.

Thinking back on my own history, I grew up in Singapore and I wasn’t a very good student. Actually, I wasn’t good in one specific class; Math. Unfortunately for me, that was the MOST important class for my parents and not being good in Math for them meant, I sucked in EVERYTHING.

The thing is, I spent most of my teen years focusing on JUST BEING good in Math while it was the one subject I sucked at it. My point is, no matter how I tried, I wasn’t going to be the best but everyone made me feel like it’s the ONE thing I must be good at and I continued try really hard. During this time, I didn’t focus much on topics and skills that make me naturally good. I would love to focus on music, art, drama .. I also love to read and didn’t do much reading.

Being an entrepreneur, I really had to work on the skills like presentations, critical thinking, customer service and leadership. These had nothing to do with Math and while I did learn basic accounting to help me run my business, not being good in math and choosing to suck at it, made it possible for me to build on the skills that make me successful every day!