in Daily Gratitude

Challenge your Inner Voice!

Have you ever been told “don’t settle in life”? I was thinking about this while talking to a new startup I am mentoring. What does this notion of ‘settling down” mean and why do we do it?

In my opinion, settling down is going into ‘survival mode’ .. it’s in all of our DNA and its been there for 100s of years. You see, working hard, sacrificing time with family and friends, choosing to chase your dreams and not chill is a choice .. but it is a choice our DNA hates! .. It wants us to take less risk, be comfortable where we are and do the least to survive. So, you are fighting an DEEP internal urge..every time you dream big!

While building a business, there are moments where you have to choose what you are willing to sacrifice to get to the next level. This is something we can’t plan .. it’s something that comes from within .. a drive that is louder than your DNA .. This is why some people work 9-5 and look forward to going home and watching TV to relax and why some of us put in 20hr days …

The problem, both in life and business, is that the middle place A.K.A ‘comfort zone’ is the WORST place to be in. If you are growing .. there is momentum and new opportunities. If you are not growing, there are lessons and opportunities to grow and self-reflect. If you are in the middle.. you are surviving .. but slowing dying.

If your GOALS aren’t big enough. If you are not consciously building momentum or challenging yourself and your team to get out of survival mode .. you are in trouble.

It’s January, take the time to reflect and see where you are and where your business is … and if needed, make the change, ask for help or connect with mentors/coaches who can help.

– With Love