Are you living your life?

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@hamzak @justinventuro and I got real deep into personal #identities..
So many of us live someone else’s version of our life.. and wonder why we are not happy. In most cases, the version is passed down to you from your parents or close family members. In an effort to not disappoint..we silence the inner voice..
Find the courage to listen to yourself..


My channel is a way for me to capture and document my life moments. From Chennai to Canada. From labelled DUMB and STUPID to award-winning entrepreneur, investor, mentor and musician, I use my life and vlogs to help others break through their hurdles and limitations. Get in touch if you are looking for advice and/or help.

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Passion is the FUEL only!

#passion is important BUT it is not the starting point and it’s only temporary without the foundation. Take a peek.. let me know what you think! ..

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Is tech killing your brain?

What happens if your phone dies? What important phone numbers do you have memorized? What happens when your iPAD dies? Can normal TV cut it anymore if your Netflix goes offline? If the KOBO reader dies, can you pickup a book and read instead? With over 75 million songs at your finger tips with Spotify, do we actually appreciate music or just skip thru ..

The addiction is real.

I know I can’t remember more than 2 phone numbers but back in the days of pagers and Motorola phones, I had a dozen numbers in my head .. and a pocket full of quarters. I have friends with little kids who won’t eat without YouTube on at the same time. That is crazy!

I am so used to streaming services and Spotify that when the internet was down for a bit over the weekend, I was frustrated at the shows on TV and realized I didn’t even have a radio in the house.

I am sharing this to get some feedback and some thoughts on how others manage their ‘tech’ and gadget relationships. Let me know ..

⁃ with love

Seek the truth.

They say the truth will set you free

But the problem is what is truth?

Is it what the media tells you?

Is it what your parents tell you?

Is it what social media tells you?

In today’s world there are so many versions of the truth and it’s very important that you understand the content you are absorbing because that is what is shaping your view of the world and the decisions you’re making in the world.

Seek the truth.

– with love