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“What’s great about this situation you’re not seeing right now?”

I came across this POWERFUL idealogy from Tony Robbins! .. The story is by a young man who got carried away during a night of drinking and partying and was arrested .. etc. He was stuck and was dwelling in the situation and this question changed his view and ultimately his life!

What’s great about this situation you’re not seeing right now?

Tony explained the Mindtrick, “Your brain is a computer. Submit a question, get a response. Submit negative questions (Q) and get negative responses (R).”

Negative examples:

  • (Q) How’d I get into this mess? (R) I make bad decisions.
  • (Q) Why can’t I get ahead? (R) I’m not smart enough.
  • (Q) Why can’t I get in shape? (R) I’m lazy.

But if you ask your brain empowering questions, you’ll get empowering responses

  • (Q) What did I learn from this mess? (R) How to make better decisions.
  • (Q) How do I get ahead? (R) Find a book and a mentor to help me.
  • (Q) How do I get in shape and have fun doing it? (R) Pick up a fun sport as a hobby.

Again, What’s great about this situation that you’re not seeing right now.

Dig deep to find true answers.

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