AR is coming for you..

If you don’t know what AR is .. that ok. I’ll write a post it for you later .. or follow me on twitter and you can read some of the stuff on AR that I have been sharing. The big news is that Apple released ARkit and then Google released ARCore .. and now the world is going to become interactive and FUN and OMG .. I can’t wait.

Here is an example of what is possible!

Jam3 was enlisted to create one that further blurred those lines by not just changing how the world looks on a screen, but controlling parts of it beyond the phone.

Working with Judith Amores and Anna Fusté, a pair of graduate students at MIT in residence at Google’s Creative Lab, Jam3 created Invisible Highway. After drawing a path on a flat surface using the phone’s touch screen, software transformed the doodle into a road with 3D scenery. But beyond the on-screen visual, it also creates a path that can direct the movement of a robotic car.

Some of the experiments are here.