FEAR is just an emotion and with proper focus and training, you can control it and make it work for you. As soon as you get into a state of ‘FEAR’, the 10-count starts. Learn more ..


Let the world catchup to your life..

All you need is ONE PERSON to truly believe you .. and you can change the world!

Stuck in life?

Are you at the edge, peek into the pool of opportunities that await you but too scared to jump in? I know the feeling. Your brain is trying to protect you from pain and suffering .. but listen to your heart and soul.

Change my labels..

Only 30 years ago .. I was labelled dumb, stupid, not worthy and my dreams and opportunities were squashed. I fought against myself (not them) but myself to remove that negative version and forcefully implant a version of my life I WANTED .. you can do it too!


The URGE to give up with be strong!

It is gonna get to you .. it is going to whisper into your ear .. “give up” .. “you can’t do this” .. “stop now” ..

watch this.

When things change inside you ..

We often look for external motivation for happiness and are mislead to believe you can get to internal happiness with external influences.

Not possible.

The real work starts within.

Even a rock will change its shape over time ..

PODCAST: REC Experience

The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

Sathish Bala, founder of Canada’s largest South Asian music festival, desiFEST, sat down with REC to discuss his long-running event that let’s the voices of so many underrepresented musicians get out to the masses. The public speaker and digital marketer also laid out his process to entrepreneurship, how important your thought process is and why you should always continue learning; among other pieces of helpful wisdom.

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Let Go!

Easy to say and REALLY hard to do. We tend to carry the heavy stuff much longer in life that we need it. For some, there is a sense of comfort in holding on and for others, there is no playbook on how to let go.

For me, my burden was my fuel. It pushed me harder than any external motivation but I never learned how to let it go.

Now, imagine you are holding on to all of these emotions .. and also imagine you are sinking in the ocean .. what will you let go immediately to survive. Start with those .. let go.