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Increasing Your Mind Mapping Mastery With iMindMap Tutorials

By definition, mind maps are visual representations of thoughts and ideas. They generally make room for non-linear thinking. Mind maps allow people conceptualize in terms of ideas and linkages/ correlations by generating series of information, and illustrating the entire central idea in a single diagram.

iMindMap is a mind mapping tool that is integrated with useful programs like the Open Office Productivity Suite (Writer, Draw, Calc, Impress, and Base), and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Project, Outlook, Publisher, One Note, and Access). It includes several features and is as dynamic as the human thought process is. It comes in 4 variations: The Elements™, Professional™, Ultimate™ and Ultimate Plus™.

Elements™ is for student and personal use while the Professional™ is used for the work place to further enhance collaboration within work groups. Ultimate™ and Ultimate Plus™, on the other hand, are top-notch conceptualizing tools geared towards increasing productivity (the latter, being the more comprehensive of the two).

If you’re using either one of the elements and believe you need more help on how to maximize the use of your iMindMap program, ThinkBuzan offers free e-Learning Courses to further enrich your iMindMap experience. It offers detailed and insightful video tutorials on how to use iMindMap’s various features, create a mind map, and formulate an impressive presentation. It also has a list of short, easy-to-understand video tutorials on the basic functions within the iMindMap application (like importing/ exporting, using auto layout and style, box branches, floating ideas, audio notes, highlighting clouds, etc.).

The more document-oriented can browse through the comprehensive archive of iMindMap Guides covering a wide range of features, from Speed Mapping, to Project Management, to exporting your mind maps as a presentation or spread sheet. It covers basic instructions on the fundamental features of all of the versions.

Those looking for more in-depth training can, for fee, avail of personalized Online iMindMap Training Programs. Prices range from £150 plus VAT to £300 plus VAT per trainee.

There’s the “Basic iMindMap Training Online Workshop” that includes instruction on how to create, draw and edit iMindmaps, associate documents and websites to mind maps, and add references and data.

The “Advanced iMindMap Corporate Online Workshop” helps those who mind map within a business organization to fine-tune their mind mapping prowess. It discusses the Speed Mind Map Mode, the Presentation Mode, and the Project Management Mode.

Source by David Kendrick