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Sathish Bala is an entrepreneur, mentor, and Founder of DesiFEST. 
Basically A serial entrepreneur, that loves finding new problems to solve, developing deep relationships with partners and clients and challenging his fears. As a ‘digital’ native with a drive to understand human connection and behaviour Sathish blends uncommon worlds as he creates new realities with music and business.

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Sathish Bala continues to inspire next generation of South Asians!

“It is important for us to continue evolving the original concept of desiFEST. Ten years ago, there was a need to find and showcase desi urban artists and today there is an equally important need to help in nurturing, educating and building bridges for our community. That is a future I look forward to with desiFEST,” says Bala.

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The agency’s new division, Blue Dot, will target the Asian/South Asian community.

Published: July 7, 2014

Officially launched on Canada Day (“What better to celebrate what it means to be South Asian in North America than to launch our ethnic marketing division,” said founder Sathish Bala in a statement), the new division will offer the same services as its parent company, including digital, print, TV and social creative. Bala will continue to lead the new shop, while Harp Patel will act as creative director.

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Ryerson Alumni Profile

“The biggest thing that Ryerson gave me was a chance to figure out who I am across all the different spectrums. The school’s practical nature really fit my personality and gave me the opportunity to experiment and ultimately find success in life.”

                                                                                                –Sathish Bala

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