Sounds familiar? “Will do it tomorrow”

Sounds familiar? “Will do it tomorrow” is the best way to never do it. If it’s important.. start now. CONTINUING means it’s already in motion. Motion = momentum. That’s the goal .. to create daily momentum in pursuit of your DREAMS. – with Love

Life really is like a box of chocolate.

Life really is like a box of chocolate. It’s full of moments you like AND moments that you hate. Unfortunately…it’s all from the same box. Your life.
You see, when you pick up a piece of chocolate and put it int your mouth … within seconds you decide if you like it or not. In most cases your GUT reaction is right. BUT sometimes a little unexpected surprise awaits after the third chew. That awful taste turns into something sweet and unexpected.
I see life a lot like that box of chocolate. Sometimes what starts of looking bad can actually be good for you. You just need to give it some time and be OPEN to new ideas, new people and new experiences. – with love

Ever have lazy days?

Ever have lazy days? Lack of motivation and just want to stay in bed? .. I was like that last week. I started thinking about WHY? Why some people get up at 5am to workout .. HOW some people can resist junk food .. WHY some of us can take big risks in life .. I came across the following little blurb .. made a lot of sense. .
If you care, you won’t stay idle. When you know the “why” behind your actions, you simply do the work. Only when complacency is greater than your motivation do you procrastinate. And when desire burns in your heart, you don’t postpone your activities, but fill them with attention and focus. “Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Mahatma Gandhi -with love

Dream BIG .. its the same effort to Thinking Small.

DREAM BIG .. it’s the same effort to THINK SMALL. .
I was told this 10 years ago! I still think about this everyday. .
Feeing almost back to 💯 .. this nasty flu knocked me out for almost 2 weeks. .
Being off social media most of the time also has me talking and meeting people to catch up. Much more fulfilling. .
– with love

I was listening to Masterclass by @oprah and this episode was with Jayz. He says, “Excellence is being able to perform at a higher level over and over again.” – #jayz
What does it take to perform at a higher level over and over again? One, know what you are good at. If don’t know, ask. People around you know. For me, I was a natural problem solver .. when I was a kid I can DJ real good or hit a 3pt consistently with a sick crossover .. but it wasn’t my ONE thing. .
Two, working on your craft daily. Over the last 20 years, 3 startups and with hundreds of client challenges to solve everyday .. it helped me work on my skill. I got to work on the one skill that made me naturally good. While working on it, other skills developed. I found ways to innovate, push boundaries and grow my confidence. It was a daily battle .. no days off. Some days were hard and I kept at it. I got obsessed with it. The pain became that “good pain”. .
Three, not stop when failure happens. You can’t learn as much from success. It’s your failures that teach. It’s the “park bench moments” that are tough. Some of us walk away from the situation to ease temporary pain or stress. Some of us get up and keep chasing our purpose and put in the work. Everything that happens in your life is to build your character. .
I believe EVERYONE has the potential for excellence. It’s not easy but it’s achievable. -with love

Use your sword!

I have said it and many others have said it .. “Be fearless in pursuit of your dreams” .. what does that mean? Fear is something our mind creates when we encounter discomfort.
I was thinking about this and how to use logic to defeat FEAR. How can I calm my brain .. when FEAR kicks in? For the past 6 months, I am been working on a new venture investment company. The idea is to crowd source investment money into a pool BUT invest in minority owned startups. There are a TON of hurdles when starting a new venture BUT your race, gender or place of birth shouldn’t be a hurdle. But FEAR kicks in every time I think through the details. FEAR it might fail. FEAR of taking other people’s money. FEAR. .
I came across this quote. “A sword in the hand of a coward is useless.” .. .
I have all the knowledge, skills, experiences, all the common sense and book smart. I have hands on experience .. THATS MY SWORD. I will use my sword to cut down my FEARS. If it is not enough, I will seek help, study more, get more experience and sharpen my sword. Than, I will try again. .
You have a sword too. One that empowers you. That is the way to beat your FEARS. Sharpen your SWORD.

Make the most of what you have!

I love this video and his story. Steve Lacy wanted all the expensive tools to get into his passion and realized that he can DO MORE with very little and that these ‘things’ he wanted weren’t necessary .. don’t waste time waiting and chasing .. get started now and start with what you have.

Steve Lacy: Making the most of what you have instead of being held back by what you don’t


Don’t focus on the things you suck in!

I know it is not what you are used to hearing. But, I am here to tell you .. the more you focus on the things that you suck at and less time you have to focus on the things that naturally make you awesome and valuable.

Thinking back on my own history, I grew up in Singapore and I wasn’t a very good student. Actually, I wasn’t good in one specific class; Math. Unfortunately for me, that was the MOST important class for my parents and not being good in Math for them meant, I sucked in EVERYTHING.

The thing is, I spent most of my teen years focusing on JUST BEING good in Math while it was the one subject I sucked at it. My point is, no matter how I tried, I wasn’t going to be the best but everyone made me feel like it’s the ONE thing I must be good at and I continued try really hard. During this time, I didn’t focus much on topics and skills that make me naturally good. I would love to focus on music, art, drama .. I also love to read and didn’t do much reading.

Being an entrepreneur, I really had to work on the skills like presentations, critical thinking, customer service and leadership. These had nothing to do with Math and while I did learn basic accounting to help me run my business, not being good in math and choosing to suck at it, made it possible for me to build on the skills that make me successful every day!

Got an award for my work with Ryerson…

I was recently awarded Ryerson’s Alumni Achievement Award. It was an incredible honor to receive it and also have my entire family with me when accepting it.

Growing up, I was always scared that my life won’t have any impact on the world and that really bothered me. I want to help and serve others, in helping them overcome their personal obstacles.

This award is a sign that I am living my purpose.