You might as well take a chance


Appreciate your past and the decisions that got you to #now .. BUT please don’t let your future be limited by your past .. “You can also fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” – Jim Carrey

Want to be an entrepreneur? Watch this ..


I was talking about this last week in #Brazil .. when you mix your WHY + Passion + Commitment to the long game .. you have a chance to build something amazing .. that’s sustainable and is more than profits.
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Be thankful for where you are !


It’s easy to look at other lives and focus on what you “think” you are missing out on .. it’s much harder to appreciate where you are .. how far you have come and who you can count on .. today, I ask of you to be thankful for your journey. .
Today, I am grateful for everyone involved in #DESIFEST .. from the smallest efforts by strangers online to my team taking on massive tasks.. I am grateful. 12 years is a long time .. no one can do anything of significance alone. Today I am thankful. 🙏🏻❤️

The “Shot”

This moment is a major victory for #toronto .. for #kawaileonard this is the moment he spent practicing in the playgrounds .. on the come up to the NBA and now .. ‘the shot’ that has the entire city unified. .
Regardless of your goals …the work you put in when no one is watching is what will make the world take notice one day. .


Know the difference between ‘feeling’ rich and becoming wealthy!


How many of you spend as soon as you make it .. that extra cash is burning a hole in your pocket .. pay attention! Know the difference between ‘feeling’ rich and becoming wealthy. … @MeekMill Speaking facts ..

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FEAR is just an emotion and with proper focus and training, you can control it and make it work for you. As soon as you get into a state of ‘FEAR’, the 10-count starts. Learn more ..


Let the world catchup to your life..

All you need is ONE PERSON to truly believe you .. and you can change the world!