Is Facebook LIVE better than the rest?

The debate is on. Which side are you picking? I personally like Facebook LIVE better then most out there. One of the main reason is that my network is stronger with FB and as soon as i got live, the viewers join the broadcast. I find that with IG or even Persicscope, the viewership is not that good. Having said that, most of may community building has been with Facebook for the past 5 years and so naturally I have better traction on there.

Brands should consider FB Live within their marketing efforts. As we move to a video-first world, I can’t wait to see how FB Live and ALL the other mediums are going to impact how we engage with brands.

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Award-winning agency BlueBand Brand + Digital celebrates 10 years.

“Reaching the 10-year mark with a strong name in this fast-paced industry is definitely something to celebrate,” says Bala.  “From our growing client portfolio to the launch of our ethnic division, Blue Dot we have a lot to be excited about and are more motivated than ever to continue this growth and innovation”, he adds.

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Find your purpose

If it's all the same to you
Then let me shine for a minute
Why play small
When being big makes a difference

The end will be worth it
And all the scars will make it legit
Only if
The reason you took all them hits
Started with a purpose

Boys afternoon.

I am realizing how important my time with Shak is. It's for him but also for me. Growing up with an absent father impacted me in my teenage days and well into adulthood.

In hustling to build a life of wealth for myself and my family, I sometimes forget how important my time with the kids is. Something money can never buy.