Is tech killing your brain?

What happens if your phone dies? What important phone numbers do you have memorized? What happens when your iPAD dies? Can normal TV cut it anymore if your Netflix goes offline? If the KOBO reader dies, can you pickup a book and read instead? With over 75 million songs at your finger tips with Spotify, do we actually appreciate music or just skip thru ..

The addiction is real.

I know I can’t remember more than 2 phone numbers but back in the days of pagers and Motorola phones, I had a dozen numbers in my head .. and a pocket full of quarters. I have friends with little kids who won’t eat without YouTube on at the same time. That is crazy!

I am so used to streaming services and Spotify that when the internet was down for a bit over the weekend, I was frustrated at the shows on TV and realized I didn’t even have a radio in the house.

I am sharing this to get some feedback and some thoughts on how others manage their ‘tech’ and gadget relationships. Let me know ..

⁃ with love

Sell your value not your service.

I was talking to a new startup yesterday and they shared their marketing ideas and I was surprised to see the broad net they were casting and hoping to catch their customers. Running a bunch of FB and Google ads that are not targeted won’t get you the right customer and not knowing what exactly are you selling will also give you bad results. It’s not the platforms that don’t deliver its your approach.

“To be successful and grow your business and revenues, you must match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for your products.” – Brain Halligan, Founder of Hubspot

There are many tools today that can help you understand where your customers are looking and what are they interested in. You can crowdsource purchase intent, you can target and retarget your audience, you can geo and interest target your ideal customers.

Once you have figured out how to connect with them, you need to also figure out what value are you adding? I don’t believe that your product’s features or price point is as important anymore, is about HOW your product or service offers value or solves a customers problem.

As an example, in the case of my latest investment in Bwell Fitness, while our services are fitness classes, one-on-one training and amazing custom meals, what we are really offering our clients is the opportunity to move past their comfort zone and create a new belief system of success that comes small wins in the gym .. and in doing so, use the successes in the gym in other areas of their lives. It’s an incredible mental transformation. That’s what we are selling. The services are how we backup up offer.

Hope this helps! Reach out if I can help with your business or project.

– with love

Seek the truth.

They say the truth will set you free

But the problem is what is truth?

Is it what the media tells you?

Is it what your parents tell you?

Is it what social media tells you?

In today’s world there are so many versions of the truth and it’s very important that you understand the content you are absorbing because that is what is shaping your view of the world and the decisions you’re making in the world.

Seek the truth.

– with love

The cards you are dealt can be changed into a winning hand.

LIFE really is a game. It has very complex rules and sometimes it feels like the rule are being changed mid-game! But the truth is that, like any game, you can study it .. you can connect the dots from your past move and find a personal formula that can help manifest your future .. the winning hand.

I recently played a game of crazy eight with the kids. It has been over 5 years since played last and I didn’t want to play .. the pain of how long that game is, the constant picking up of new cards .. etc .. but under pressure I played anyways.

I was watching how my kids approached the game vs me. I was reminded of something that day .. what was fun to watch was that they did not get ‘defeated’ by the first draw of their cards. They knew that with each pass or with each turn, they get to pick up new cards and EVERY new card had the potential to impact their hand. Good or bad, there was on opportunity to change their outcome with new cards. They looked forward to picking up more cards .. its an innocence we lose as we get older. We put a ton of pressure on being right .. or winning fast and in the hustle, we forget the excitement and fun that comes from embracing ‘the next turn’ ..

I hope the next move you make or the next ‘cards’ you pick up in life get you excited about the possibility of changing the cards your dealt in work or life.. and get your winning hand in life.

– with Love

The person who invented the ship also invented the shipwreck.

I read this a few days ago and it struck me how relevant this is to young CEOs. I come from a time when they did not teach ‘entrepreneurship’ .. and learning on the job was a given. I knew that I will be building and breaking the company as I figured out my role as a CEO.

Today, I meet many new CEO’s or startups who are looking for the perfect formula. They want to make as little mistakes as possible and avoid the ‘shipwreck’. All the help books, YouTube videos and mentors in the world can’t save you from the real lessons that come from making decisions and living with the lessons.

Like the quote said, “the person who invented the ship also invented the shipwreck” .. understand that this will inevitable and continue to work your dreams without fear.

I am off to CES for the first time and looking forward to a few days of ‘back to the future’ .. if you are in Vegas for CES, let’s connect!

– With Love

Sleep when you are done!

I get this question all the time .. “how many hours of sleep do you get?” Or “with all the stuff you do, when do you get to sleep”

My answer is .. I sleep when I am done.

What I mean is that, everyday I have a list of goals to hit. Hitting them daily (and I will share how I setup my micro daily goals in another post) is how I maintain momentum. Consistent momentum is how you build towards achieving your goals.

When I sleep daily is based on “feeling done” .. when I feel like I can’t accomplish any more towards my daily tasks, it is time to shut off and start again. Some days it’s not till very late into the night and some days, I am in bed by 7pm if nothing else is going on.

Listen, if 20hr days is your thing .. cool! Go for it .. but without balance, not only will you burn out, most likely you are also missing out on other important life moments. Take it from me,  I don’t remember much of my 20s. other than work on my agency. I kept very few friend and I have lots of missed life moments sitting in the office for 15hr a day.

Just saying.

– with love

Lose money, NOT TIME!

Lose money NOT time. You can make more money with time, but the time you waste in procrastination, hesitating, over thinking, not trusting the universe, not listening to your gut .. that time can’t be earned back.

That’s the real loss.

Risks are scary. I get it. I have made many poor decisions during my businesses and have lost lots of money during the process but making the decisions when needed taught me more than holding on to the money and living in fear.
Choose time over money and over time .. you will make more money.

– with love

Learn to FORGIVE!

We are taught so many things in life .. but not how to forgive. How to forgive and move on .. how to truly say sorry and how to heal without hate.

I spent the year forgiving people. Forgiving myself.

I leave it all behind in 2018 and move forward with hope and love.

– with love

Life is too short to play it small!

You have heard it before .. “life is too short so don’t play small” .. and to add to that, another favourite quote of mine is “no one has a two-day guarantee in life” .. I am sharing these again as final thoughts for 2018.

This year, I broke out of my comfort zone, travelled more, shared more stories and lessons, met incredible people all over the world and partnered with two amazing co-founders. “Playing small” only hurts you. When you live without fear and focus on serving and sharing the best of you with the world, the results and rewards are life changing.

Wishing everyone I know an amazing 2019!

– with love

Plan B your life.

Always have a Plan B … too many of you move too fast or too reactive without thinking thru the next few moves.

Give yourself time to stop, slow down and reflect at least once a week. Take a step back and see the big picture.

The best time to create a Plan B is when you don’t need it yet.

Think about your business, personal life .. your clients, staff .. take the time to connect the dots, think of worst case scenarios .. create your Plan B.

I got two mics. 🙏🏻

– with love