EP 11 – Sumu Sathi talks feminism and authentic ‘You’!

To be comfortable in your own skin is a life long journey. While it is a hard thing to do, it is something that we all need to work on. You see, when you go deep inside yourself and find out what makes you tick .. you find your ‘power’ .. POWER that can become your base to build from.

Sumu breakdown how to do this and her passion come thru LOUD and CLEAR!

Sumu Sathi – CEO| FOUNDER – blunttruthshow.com

EP 10 – Gary Mangat – MMA – How to get up when life knocks you down! *motivational*

About Gary:
Given Name: Gurdarshan Mangat
MMA Record: 10-1 (Win-Loss-Draw)
Nickname: Saint Lion

“Everything I know about life has either been learnt here or its been tested here for its validity. Cause between this metal fence, every thought that gave u motivation, drive, fear, insecurity , comfort, discomfort is about to get exploited and tested. When the body and mind begins to quit…the reminder of why you ever began might be the only thing that gives you life when you most need it.”

EP 09 – 5 TIPS with YVONNE SINNIAH – The power of relationships!

Sathish Bala

Yvonne Sinniah is a Relations Advisor, Speaker, Writer and Founder of Love Inspired Events Management. Her focus and mission is to help individuals achieve peace, happiness and fulfillment in their core relationships. She is committed to helping people in today’s society to clear out the noise and stay focused on what is important to them when creating and sustaining meaningful relationships and spaces.

You can learn more about Yvonne Sinniah by following her on
Twitter: @YvonneSinniah
Facebook: YvonneSinniah, Relations Advisor
Instagram: Yvonne.Sinniah.

Her website is www.yvonnesinniah.com which provides more insight into what Yvonne offers to her clients.

EP 08 – Fear of being BROKE? Get money and life tips from Ricardo McRae!

This episode with Ricardo McRae was EPIC! So many of us learn MONEY management very late in the game, sometimes too late in the game! I had the pleasure of having Ricardo drop by and share some insights on money management, ways to have a healthier relationship with money and also how you can save and prepare for the future!

Get in touch with Ricardo:
Twitter @RicardoMcRae
Instagram: @RicardoMcRae
Email: Ricardo@Wedge15.com
Compound interest works on Credit Cards (2-min): https://youtu.be/Vz05A6cP6Iw