EP 11 – Sumu Sathi talks feminism and authentic ‘You’!

To be comfortable in your own skin is a life long journey. While it is a hard thing to do, it is something that we all need to work on. You see, when you go deep inside yourself and find out what makes you tick .. you find your ‘power’ .. POWER that can become your base to build from.

Sumu breakdown how to do this and her passion come thru LOUD and CLEAR!

Sumu Sathi – CEO| FOUNDER – blunttruthshow.com

IKEA’s new augmented reality app could totally change the way we shop!

Ever purchased a piece of furniture, only to find out later it didn’t fit the style or size of the room? Swedish furniture maker IKEA is tackling this problem with a free augmented reality (AR) application that utilizes Apple’s new ARKit technology. The app will let users experience how sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and other furnishing items will fit into their homes in augmented reality.

Facebook ART AR Example

Augmented reality art, which you can only see through special apps on your phone, is coming. And with it, questions about what’s real and what’s not.

Augmented reality has become an obsession for Silicon Valley. Most tech companies see it as the next wave in computing, either as a bridge to virtual reality — made up worlds that exist only on your digital devices — or a destination all its own. Right now, AR is synonymous with Pokemon Go, the mobile game that spurred a lot of us last year to go outside and catch digital monsters in the world around us.

Snapchat, meanwhile, has pioneered much of the way young people currently use AR on their phones, with photo and video filters that superimpose a flower crown or a dog nose over your snaps. Apple has a platform called ARKit that lets software developers build AR apps for iPhones. Google followed suit last month with its own platform for Android-powered phones, called ARCore.

But the technology also opens up possibilities of sci-fi lore. Eventually, with a good pair of AR glasses — something Facebook says it’s working on — you might be able to see if your kid has a fever just by looking at him. You could take your entire workspace with you on a flight, without ever opening up a laptop. You might never buy a new TV again, if all you need is a digital screen over your eyes.

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The launche of iOS 11 with ARKit make it a little easier to intergrate AR!

Previously, if developers wanted to add augmented reality to an app, first they’d have to spend months building their own tools and performing a bunch of math to calculate how a 3-D object should look when light hits it from different angles, and how it interacts with real-world objects.

With ARKit, developers can stop focusing on the coding challenges and get creative with how to use the technology! This will open the opportunities to experiment and ultimately bring an influx of new ideas to consumers.

It’ll be just a matter of time before the technology is readily available to everyone, developers said. Facebook already offers its own platform, AR Studio, for developers wanting to create augmented reality experiences for the social network, and dozens of third-party platforms such as Vuforia and EasyAR allow developers to create AR experiences across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android.

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‘It’s a game changer’: The new iPhone has marketers bullish on augmented reality

“Augmented reality is definitely the next big computing platform,” Marc Jensen, chief innovation officer at agency Space150 said. “It is inevitable.”

The race to develop new AR app is now one! The launch of the IPHONE 8 and X has the potential to bring AR experiences to the masses.

Brands like IKEA and LOWES and on the move to make their own app.

For me, this is an exciting time! Finally, we can move past the web and markers and move into an era when technology can augment human experiences!

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Is Facebook LIVE better than the rest?

The debate is on. Which side are you picking? I personally like Facebook LIVE better then most out there. One of the main reason is that my network is stronger with FB and as soon as i got live, the viewers join the broadcast. I find that with IG or even Persicscope, the viewership is not that good. Having said that, most of may community building has been with Facebook for the past 5 years and so naturally I have better traction on there.

Brands should consider FB Live within their marketing efforts. As we move to a video-first world, I can’t wait to see how FB Live and ALL the other mediums are going to impact how we engage with brands.

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EP 10 – Gary Mangat – MMA – How to get up when life knocks you down! *motivational*

About Gary:
Given Name: Gurdarshan Mangat
MMA Record: 10-1 (Win-Loss-Draw)
Nickname: Saint Lion

“Everything I know about life has either been learnt here or its been tested here for its validity. Cause between this metal fence, every thought that gave u motivation, drive, fear, insecurity , comfort, discomfort is about to get exploited and tested. When the body and mind begins to quit…the reminder of why you ever began might be the only thing that gives you life when you most need it.”

AR is coming for you..

If you don’t know what AR is .. that ok. I’ll write a post it for you later .. or follow me on twitter and you can read some of the stuff on AR that I have been sharing. The big news is that Apple released ARkit and then Google released ARCore .. and now the world is going to become interactive and FUN and OMG .. I can’t wait.

Here is an example of what is possible!

Jam3 was enlisted to create one that further blurred those lines by not just changing how the world looks on a screen, but controlling parts of it beyond the phone.

Working with Judith Amores and Anna Fusté, a pair of graduate students at MIT in residence at Google’s Creative Lab, Jam3 created Invisible Highway. After drawing a path on a flat surface using the phone’s touch screen, software transformed the doodle into a road with 3D scenery. But beyond the on-screen visual, it also creates a path that can direct the movement of a robotic car.

Some of the experiments are here.



Say “NO” .. it is fine and you will live a healthier life.

I take on WAY too much. I tell myself that, it is because of ‘passion’ but really, it is because of FEAR. Fear that saying ‘NO’ will mean the universe will stop sending me opportunities.

But in reality, taking on too much hurts. A lot. Often.

I came across this article today and wanted to share it with you. Start saying NO to these behaviours asap …

1. Other people’s baggage.

2. Situations that I knew would make me angry.

3. A business that I absolutely hated.

4. Unhealthy habits that felt good.

5. Toxic relationships.

6. Holding onto the past.

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“What’s great about this situation you’re not seeing right now?”

I came across this POWERFUL idealogy from Tony Robbins! .. The story is by a young man who got carried away during a night of drinking and partying and was arrested .. etc. He was stuck and was dwelling in the situation and this question changed his view and ultimately his life!

What’s great about this situation you’re not seeing right now?

Tony explained the Mindtrick, “Your brain is a computer. Submit a question, get a response. Submit negative questions (Q) and get negative responses (R).”

Negative examples:

  • (Q) How’d I get into this mess? (R) I make bad decisions.
  • (Q) Why can’t I get ahead? (R) I’m not smart enough.
  • (Q) Why can’t I get in shape? (R) I’m lazy.

But if you ask your brain empowering questions, you’ll get empowering responses

  • (Q) What did I learn from this mess? (R) How to make better decisions.
  • (Q) How do I get ahead? (R) Find a book and a mentor to help me.
  • (Q) How do I get in shape and have fun doing it? (R) Pick up a fun sport as a hobby.

Again, What’s great about this situation that you’re not seeing right now.

Dig deep to find true answers.

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