About Me

**20+ years** Digital Strategist, Digital Creative Director, Product Specialist, Innovator, Entrepreneur & Speaker.

As a serial entrepreneur, I love finding new problems to solve, building teams who outperform expectations, developing deep rooted relationships with partners and clients and challenging my own fears through the businesses I develop. As a computer science major in the late 90’s, I have been fortunate to be growing up in the ‘digital’ world. My passion to understand human connection/behaviour and the ability for digital to enhance our lives, pushes me daily to do what I do.

I am also an investor in early-stage companies and mentor at Ryerson’s Science Discover Zone.

In between all the madness, I spend time with 2 little ones and make music in my studio .. I enjoy meeting new people and sharing idea, exploring challenges and developing new solutions. Thanks for reading..

*2017* I received Ryerson’s Alumni Achievement award!